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Savanah Will Blow You Away

Now those legs look like all sorts of fun. Long legs. So delicious. So is the rest of her body.Savanah is just teasing by pulling her tits out of her blouse.
That is a booty you just want to slap and watch jiggle.Doesn’t Savanah kind of look like Jessica Rabbit?

I Will Give You My Full Attention

Hello. I hope you didn’t look too long before you found me. I’m Savanah. I am a sexy blonde haired Philadelphia and I love what I do. I became so good at it because I love my job so much. It is so much fun to go out with guys like you and enjoy Philadelphia. The part of the night you will enjoy the most is having me by your side. I can tell you right now you can stop looking for any other escort. I am the perfect choice to be your Philadelphia escort. I will prove it to you within seconds of meeting me. For now, I’ll tell you a little about myself.

I used to work in a stuffy office. The only fun part of that job was when guys would stare at me when I bent over. I love the attention of men. When I am your escort, I will give you all my attention as well. I used to come to the city to party after work. When guys from the office would come with me, they would be blown away by my sexiness. I tried not to flaunt my body or sexiness too much in the office. If I am your Philadelphia escort, I will flaunt it just as much as you want me to.

How well do you know Philadelphia? Do you have an idea of where you want to party? Don’t worry if you don’t. That’s what I’m here for. I am a very knowledgeable Philadelphia escort and I learn more all the time. I love to go to concerts but I also love the many great night clubs that are scattered around Philadelphia. Concerts and clubs are my specialty, but I am almost an expert on Philadelphia bars as well. If there is a certain atmosphere or music you are looking for, I am the right escort for you.

When you have had your fill, it will be time to retire to your room. That’s the part that I can’t wait for. I can try on different uniforms to see what turns you on. I usually know what turns you on without you saying anything. I have an intuition for what guys like in women. Lap dances, massages, uniforms and toy play are just a few of things I have to show you. Call me now and we can get started.